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January 2009 - Re-Launch!

Sleeper (Serpico)
THD House, Minneapolis, MN
Date Unknown

Of all the bands that played our Basement, these guys were a house favorite. Any band that is willing to drive across the country to play in a small, hot, crappy basement packed with 20-50 kids for just enough money to put gas in the van and maybe a little food in their belly and head to the next town, deserves your admiration. Did I mention the deluxe accomodations we provided? They got to sleep on the living room floor. I don't recall that floor being vaccumed once during my years at that house.

Anyway, these guys played the house many times and never disappointed. Always a good show, and this is no exception.

This is Sleeper (soon to become Serpico) at their finest. John Lisa is singing for this tour. I gotta admit that I really liked Apple's singing, but JL's singing grew on me and I can not deny that I loved his stuff just as much. Enjoy! (I do)

  Doc Hopper
35th St. Entry, Minneapolis, MN
Date Unknown

Doc Hopper Rocking the Scooby Don't House, better known as the 35th St. Entry in Minneapolis, MN. One song here.

If you're really nice, I'll post the rest of hte set. This is one of hte very first video ever posted on this site, and I thought it was fitting to repost it for the January 2009 Re-Launch!

Dirt Poor
Uptown Bar & Grill, Minneapolis, MN
Date Unknown

Rocking the U-Haul out front of the Uptown Bar & Grill, in  Minneapolis, MN.  I remember this was a Supersuckers show inside the building, but I don't remember the other bands.

This is one of those urban legends of Minneapolis Punk Rock.  I've heard stories of them playing 3-4 songs, and how close the cops were to catching them.  This video sets the record straight. 

Between sets inside, Dirt Poor rolled up in a U-Haul, and rocked Hennepin Ave for about half a song before the generator stopped working.

Watch the crowd shots...if you don't know someone in that crowd...then you aren't paying attention.

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